The truth is that after her incarceration she was left for four days in jail without being allowed to talk with anybody, without being told why she is being held and without a warrant for her arrest being presented. The managing director of the company was not questioned and the fictitious directors are questioned and released after two hours.

On 11.30.2012 Gergana is arrested by the Supreme Cassation Prosecution without a decree. To this day the warrant for her arrest is not signed by her nor was ever presented.

On 12.03.2012 Gergana is released by the court on bail.
On 12.08.2012 Tsvetan Tsvetanov accuses the court on TV that it released the “main organizer” of the international organized criminal group. Tsvetanov demands every detainee to be surrendered to the foreign country.

Up until the end of January the United States are quiet. Within 60 day the States are supposed to send a document containing the details regarding Gergana’s extradition but it never arrives within this that frame.
Suddenly, like lightning, on the day after the expiration of the time frame – 01.31.2013, in two hour and 34 minutes, like an American tornado the following events occur: The embassy of the USA request by a verbal statement the extradition of Gergana; the Ministry of the Interior sends the statement to the Minister of Justice, and he sends it to the Supreme Cassation Prosecution. In turn it issues a warrant for Gergana’s arrest, sends it to Chief Directorate “Combating Organized Crime” at 11.34 , and it arrests Gergana for a second time. With the warrant the prosecution cancels the court’s decision, and none of the institutions examine the case, as required by law. Why?
On 02.02.2013 the court releases Gegrana on bail.
During this time the company that hired Gergana attempts to hire lawyers in the states, but it turns out the institutions are obstructing the defense of Gergana. Attorney’s accounts and transfers are frozen, illegal surveillance is used. Every attempt is made to render her helpless.
On 05.08.2013 Gergana Chervenkova is arrested for a third time and is currently in the Trial Confinement of “G.M.Dimitrov”


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