Trade representative BG Global Services is a servicing firm of British company Euromedonline Ltd. The activities of the British company include a web site for marketing and sales of pharmaceutical products and medications offered by licensed pharmacies in the USA. Pharmaceuticals and medications are offered at the website, where any consumer can order and receive them after a medical examination. Gergana begins work at “BG Global Services” three years after the registration of the web site and work practices having already been established.  

The role of Gergana is to process the weekly reports of the sales system and to calculate the accumulated taxes and commissions of the doctors and pharmacies based on the actual web site sales. She then prepares financial reports which she communicates to the doctors, pharmacies and the owner of the company for approval. Following that, the approved reports are sent for payment to the director of the company. Please note that she works exclusively with numerals, order numbers and pharmaceutical codes without having any information in regards to the actual prescriptions, patients etc. Furthermore she does not have any medical of pharmacological education that would have allowed her to determine that the products are not harmless. Consequently, if any of the products are banned for distribution on the territory of the USA via the internet, the responsibility lies with the pharmacy that supplied the medication and the doctor that issued the prescription, since the company has a contractual relations with the respective natural and/or legal entities that strictly determine the responsibility for offered/distributed pharmaceuticals and medications. If there is a conspiracy it is definitively between the doctor and the pharmacy. By what reasoning the American prosecution decides that the owner and manager of the company have nothing to do with the entire scheme, and the only guilty party is a statistician/analyzer, is more than conspicuous…

In regards to the statements of the American prosecutors and investigators that she is the one that processed some orders are completely baseless, since she works only and exclusively with the results of the executed orders/sales via the web site and does not have contact with the end user/patients. She does not perform financial transfers and cannot operate with the accounts of the company since she does not have the necessary certificates at the bank for this purpose. She is clueless about web administration as well.

It is impossible for everybody to perform an investigation of the activities of the company that is hiring them considering that it is a legal work contract in a legal company registered by the Bulgarian government and the preparation of statistical and financial reports should not be persecuted.

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