55th day
Tomorrow at 14:00 will get decided whether Geri stays in the arrest or not. Rumors has it that everyone in the court wants to set her free, but will they find the legal arguments against this insane agreement...we hope so!
Legislature has to consider the fact that the Bulgarian contract for extradition in the United States is 10 pages, while its version for the United Kingdom and the US is 170 pages for example. It certainly looks like someone didn't do his job right.
I feel that she is very stressed out, apparently the tranquilizers are not helping anymore. I was told that tonight on Slavi's Show they will be airing the interview with Christian. They promise it as a very interesting material.
She asked me to learn more about Tappin - the british man who got extradited to the USA. 


53rd day
They took them out for a walk on the rooftop and she gave me a call. She explained that it was the 5th Saturday/Sunday of the month so there won't be any visitation and they get to have a walk on fresh air instead. Irena took the kids to the mall on Cherni Vruh so all morning they were having fun there. Later she took them to the movies and then to the Jumbo toy store. Pretty much, Irena is the dream aunt of every child. 
I told here that there was a trial scheduled for 02/07 to decide whether to let Geri on a softer regime instead of  the arrest. I really hope they let her out of this hell hole, so she can get herself together a bit, being free. The conditions there easily crush a person's spirit, no matter how good they treat you. 

51st day
There was a theft in the cell. To avoid conflict, Gergana immediately took all her belongings out for her cellmates to see. It turned out that one of the girls that earlier the same was taken to the prison in Sliven, skillfully managed to "shop" from the rest of the women there. It looks like she did not take anything from Geri, since all her things are kept in firmly closed plastic boxes. Apparently this does not save her just from the cockroaches.
We got an invitation from the presidency for a meeting tomorrow at 13:30 with the Vice President Margarita Popova. I hope they take a stance on the case. 


50th consecutive day in the arrest, a total of 55
Today she was very surprised to see me, I found out yesterday that I can come visit her on Wednesdays as well. For the first time, we almost did a whole hour visit. The pictures of her and Slavi's Show will be aired on 10.07.

No mistake here, the bites are from cockroaches, the area around the bite does not resemble a mosquito or a bed bug. The good news is that they mainly bite the newcomers and she is not exactly a newcomer anymore :)
I am looking around to buy a portable, battery-powered TV. They said that up to 12 inches is permitted. 
The morning I gave an official authorization to the lawyer I met yesterday, so he can help as well on case. 

49th day
She had a very emotional meeting with a lawyer, the father of a very close friend of her, who passed away long ago. We saw each other on the exit, he gave me his business card and told me not to waste time and that she is waiting for my visit. Geri told me that he found out about the case from his son and immediately came to visit. It turned out that they are friends with lawyer Zlatka Stefanova and they even had a meeting scheduled by the time I left the visitation room. I hope they figure out a way to get her out of the arrest. 
Slavi's Show got the permission to shoot a video of her and also one of the crew members is going meet Christian Sverrisson for an interview. I will find out details tomorrow.


48th day
She started to recover a bit from the thought that there is another month in the arrest ahead of her. There are four women in the cell right now and all of them know how to play cards, so they had a bit of diversity this weekend. It turned out that she is not going for an examination, regardless of the fact that her cheek got infected because of the dentist there. Apparently, there are some new rules there. She asked different people about it and she got the same number of different answers. One of the doctors says that the fax from the prosecution did not arrive yet and this is a necessary document before she can be send for the examination. The other one says that such examinations are not covered by the budget and that we should find our own specialist, to come in the arrest, take a blood sample and check for any diseases that she might have gotten infected with during her stay there...
Meanwhile the Supreme Court of Cassation ordered that that the complaint filed against the unlawful decision of the Sofia Court of Appeal cannot be accepted since the decision is not a subject of appeal on the first place. 
Slavi's Show requested a permission to make a video of her in the arrest, but I think this is very unlikely to happen considering the conditions the prisoners are forced to live in. 


45th day
On the trial today, the court decided to give the United States another 28 days to present the requested documents. This means another month in the arrest for Geri. The same documents were required on the 8th of May, but the Sofia City Court, Chamber number 3, decided that it would be better to extradite her without the necessary documents and arrest her to make sure she would not hide somewhere.
She called me in the afternoon and told me she got transferred to the arrest around 11:15, right after the trial. She was very upset and said "Thank everyone from me for their support. I was expecting it to get postponed a week, maybe two, but a whole month is an awful a lot of time in the arrest. I will cry bit tonight, but I will withstand. I don't have a choice..."
I will see her on Monday.


44th day in the  arrest or total of 49
Would today be the last day, or if not, how many more left?!!
She was very happy to hear that Slavi supports her. 
I told her what Mrs.Stefanova told me as a legal professional. The case may get postponed since the requested documents have not yet been sent by the Americans. She really wasn't in the mood to hear more bad news, but I think it's better to hear the bad part and be happily surprised, rather than hearing something positive and be taken down by the cruelty of facts. Only time will tell how things will develop. I honestly hope that this is the last post that starts with a number. 
In all honesty, today she told me that if Bulgaria allows her extradition she would like to renounce her Bulgarian citizenship. I will support her in that decision!


43rd day
Christian sent me his sworn testimony and we gave it in for translating. We went on a visitation with her mother and father. She looked pretty good, but told me that the whole arrest thing is really becoming too much for her. She even said that she prefers getting extradited instead of staying in the arrest for another month. Apparently the atmosphere there is crushing her spirit too much.
Other than that, Slavi's Show went very good, both according to the people around me. He even promised to take personal responsibility for the case. We will be waiting for him on the protest Friday. 


42nd day
We are on a full scale preparation for the protest. We saw each other for just a bit, since the bosses from Belgium came visit and I had a meeting scheduled for 9 AM. I reached the arrest at 11:15 and after going through all the mandatory procedures in order to see her, we had only 15 minutes left. She briefly told me what to bring for the visitation the next day. 
Her boss - Christian, deposited his sworn testimony in the American court. He is supposed to send a copy to me that we will translate and present in the Bulgarian court. 


41st day since Gergana Chervenkova is in the arrest without being guilty. A total of 46
She already started worrying about the trial on Friday, dear Gery. Now there are 5 women in her room and Gery is wondering exactly when will her cellmate from the bed on top unexpectedly come to visit, since the bed was so broken that only a miracle kept the girl from falling down.
Today Gacho checked what was is happening with the bailout money and got a completely different answer this time around: "No problem, let her husband come with a letter of attorney so we could transfer the money". I'm speechless. On Wednesday we're on Slavi's show.


38th day
Today is the anniversary of our wedding 14.06.2006. We wished each other we would celebrate next year - together and free. Two years ago for our anniversary I gave her a small wooden notepad with a picture of the four of us, glued to the backside of the cover. She asked me to bring it on Wednesday, but they did not allow it, as it had wire in it(for holding the covers and the pages together). This made her quite sad, because it has great sentimental value for her. She wrote me a really nice letter for our anniversary, but I hope you won’t mind if I keep it to myself.


37th day in the arrest (total of 42)
I had no Internet because it was Gery who managed the utility bills in our home and I'm new in this area. That's why I'm posting two updates today. She spoke to Nora on the phone and the child said she didn't want to hear any more excuses and that she wanted her back home "RIGHT NOW"


36th day 
I left her some things for the next two weeks. It was a visitation day for the rest of the prisoners, so I couldn't actually see her. I did however, witness another judicial absurdity:
Since Gery is under arrest, our lawyer requested a release of the bail money. We waited for 10 days, but no money transfer yet. The lawyer checked the reason and presented the next astonishing surprise. It turned out that the judge has decided not to refund the bail since the trial is still in the court of appeal...apparently Gery pays bail to guarantee she wouldn't escape from the arrest! 
I'm sure it is pretty clear that I could really use this money now. It looks like, I will have to sponsor the country from my overdraft.


35th consecutive day in the arrest
Gergana Chervenkova is as unbreakable as always. She is a bit nervous about the upcoming trial, which hides the key to freedom, but it also does for her extradition to the United States. Bottom line is, faith sometimes plays tricks on you and offers bad surprises. We have to withstand no matter what, so one day we can be together again, continuing the lives that we built with so much love, efforts and persistency. 


34th day in the arrest
We talked for some time. She told me again that on Saturday and Sunday, time practically stops there. Today is the preliminary hearing in the US for the rest of the defendants. Unfortunately our lawyers have to be in court at that time, so they won't be attending. We received an answer from the Ministry of Internal Affaires in regards to the detailed inspection ordered by the Council of Ministers. They said that the case is out of their competence and that the only competent institution is the respective court where the case is being processed. I expect similar answers from the rest of the ministries. Hope I am wrong.


Yesterday was the 31st day in the arrest for Gergana Chervenkova
Apparently being innocent is not a sufficient condition for a person to be released...
Other than that, she was looking very good (as good as a person can look behind bars).
She complained about cockroach bites, which shocked me quite a bit. I have never seen before a person bitten by cockroaches, it looks like the ones in the arrest are tougher than the regular ones.
She told me that Saturdays and Sundays are the longest days in there. They don't let them take a walk outside or anything. The only diversity during the day is when they bring them food in the cell. They don't eat it, since it causes diarrhea, but that's the way it is - not a 5 star hotel there. 


30th day
She was looking much better than on `esday. Unfortunately, since they were interrogating detained people on her floor,  we didn't manage to see each other for more than 10 minutes. They let me in at 12:05 and there was another lady behind me, waiting for a visitation. I asked the guard to make my visit shorter, so that the other lady can have 5-10 minutes as well. Either today or tomorrow, they will send her for an examinatinon in the prison medical facility, which would be a change in her otherwise monotone daily routine. It's far from a walk in the park, but it's still a diversity. 
I hope they will let me stay longer tomorrow.


29th day in the arrest
Today was a visitation day. Her brother, sister-in-law and her mother came visit her. Few days ago I talked with the security to have this noted just as a visitation, so I can come again next Wednesday to bring her some things. Her brother told me that she was very nerveous and her knees were shaking all the time. I really hope that there won't be any long-term consequences and when this nightmare is over, she can recover quickly. She called me on my phone in the afternoon, which surprised me a lot, as they normally don't allow any calls on a visitation day. I will find out details tomorrow.


28th day 
I never imagined that a time will come when we will not be together on the birthday of one of our children. Neither did I ever thought that Gery will not be with us...
I saw her in the morning and we congratulated ourselves on the occasion. She can now call every day (except Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday) and talk with the kids. She gave me instructions to pay all the attention to Boris, Nora and the guests and as a result I have not done anything else yesterday. I wish our son all the best and hope that he can soon enjoy mother's care. 


27th consecutive day or a total of 32- June 3rd
She was very saddened when I came visit in the morning. She reminded me that her contractions with Boris started on June 1st and that she always thought about that, these days of the year. She said that except for when she was in court, today was the first time she cried. I tried to cheer her up and told her that the kids had a great time in the amusement park we took them Saturday. Later we went for pizza with our Best man and Bridesmaid. The next day Irena picked them up for another day of fun activities.

She also wrote me a letter that the security guard agreed to deliver to me. I will scan it tomorrow and publish it. I don't think I have the strength to read it yet.
Her mother called in the afternoon with a voice trembling in excitement, to tell me that a response has been received from the Council of Ministers to the letter we have sent earlier, without a specific addressee. They ordered a detailed inspection on the case to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Justice. There is a small light at the end of the tunnel after all...


24th consecutive day or a total of 29
She now has two new "colleagues" from the jail in Sliven.
We mainly talked about her potential arrival in the United States and I told her what the American lawyers explained. Otherwise she asked me to pay more attention to the kids. She talked with them on the phone and they complained about that, which is pretty understandable given the circumstances. The fact that I try to help their mother in any way I can should not reflect on them.
She is very worried and hopes she did not catch any desease when the dentist infected her cheek. She has already spoken with the doctor to send her for examination.


23rd Day
The last of her inmates was released today and she was left alone. She says that she is more relaxed that way because with the inmates from Sliven she always had to be on guard. All they needed was a little bit of information about you and they would tear you apart. She says that the plastic boxes are terrific since the cockroaches would otherwise tear through the nylon bags and get to the food; the box is presenting a challenge.
Good news is that she has a clock and a radio now, a nice luxory to enjoy. 


22nd consecutive day of her arrest.
Today she had a visitation. Her mom, dad and brother visited her. She was really happy to see her brother whom she has not seen for more than one year since he lives and works in England. Unfortunately our plans for vacation with him and his wife fell through for obvious reasons. We agreed to visit her again next Wednesday again so we can get our visitations in two weeks period, because we don’t know how many years would pass before they can see each other again. This means that next month she will be enjoying solely my visitations and the ones of the lawyers.


21st Day of her arrest
I just came back from there and since today is my day off I can write. Gery is doing great, she is highly motivated and said that she will bear it all the way, for the children, for me and for justice. Only one girl is left in her cell, because the other ones were returned to the prison in Sliven and one was released on bail.
As I was leaving, the girl that was released on bail met me at the car in order to encourage me and calm me down. She told me that she was being treated well and that her biggest worries are about me. Other than that, all of the prison guards were on our side (or almost all) and are trying to make her stay bearable. 


20th Day
Today I managed to see her for the first time since the appellate court postponed the trial. One more time I saw that she was a fighter and one hell of a human being. Instead of me calming her down, she was explaining to me that I should be strong and I should bear this stupidity that is happening to us. Regardless of how things turn out, I should be taking care of myself so I can watch over the children and take care of them.
She told me what to bring her on Wednesday for the visitation – food for the next two weeks, books and other necessities. Hopefully they will allow us to bring her a radio because the girl that had one was released on bail and they had an information blackout. One more time I was amazed what a regular person is capable of when faced with an absurd situation like this.


17th day of her arrest.
For the first time she managed to call the children and talk to them. Apparently she got the necessary permissions from the prison administration and was issued a card that allows her to call from the sole telephone that is locates on the top of “Kareto”. She told them that she is on a business trip, that she missed them a lot and that she loves them a lot. Hopefully she calmed herself down after she spoke with them.


16th Day of her arrest (21 altogether)
Court Session and back in prison.
We were notified that the trial is postponed for the 21st Of June 2013. Attorney Gacho Gruev met with Gery so he can explain the development and calm her. According to the 3 lawyers this was the best possible outcome of the developing situation.
The bad news is the she is looking at one month in prison, but she will have to bear it. Not a chance of changing it.
Otherwise, as was seen on TV, Gery was really upset, but I hope that Gacho calmed her down.
Unfortunately tomorrow is a holiday and I won’t be allowed in, so I will see her on Monday. Hopefully she will hold up!


15th day – 22nd of May 2013
Friends, I would like to announce that we are absolutely and completely distancing ourselves from any attempts for provocations and politicizations of our peaceful protest tomorrow (05/23/2013). We are gathering in support of Gery and our judicial institutions believing that they will arrive at the right decision…
People using the protest to promote their own agendas are not welcomed!
The trial in front of SAS is scheduled for 05.23.2013 at 10:00am. We call on everybody that has an opportunity to attend to join us in a peaceful protest at 9:00am in front of the SAS (Justice Hall)

11th and 12th day of the arrest of Gergana Chervenkova without having done anything wrong.
No news since weekends are for visitations of the men; hence women could not be visited...
After all, at the moment she has the rights of a criminal.

10th day of the arrest.
I saw her before lunch, but with а swollen cheek. It turned out that the prison’s dentist worked on one of her teeth that needed filling but apparently hurt the cheek lining with the machine and the wound got infected. I asked at the visitations control to have the doctor give her some antibiotics; Gery had called the doctor twice since that morning but nobody responded until 12:30.
She doesn’t have any toothache now but she has an infection of the cheek lining, which hurts a lot... Her only concern is that she could have been infected with something serious (hepatitis, AIDS etc.) but according to me it is simply an infection; hopefully I am right.
Otherwise she is saying that she feels fine (as far as she could be) and not to worry about her.
I brought her 4 of our family photos so that every time she looks at them she remembers why she should hold together and keep on fighting; she got a little upset when she saw the kids, even though it was just a photo.
I barely managed to convince the officer, or whoever he was, to hand her today’s edition of the Trud newspaper in which was published a whole page about her. As a sign of “cooperation” he tore it practically to pieces.

9th day of the arrest of Gergana Chervenkova.
I saw her in the morning and she seemed fine, apparently she has already gotten used to the idea that we don’t know how much longer she would have to stay in jails and police stations.
I got a highly recommended lawyer from the law company of Dokovska who is handling their extradition cases. Attorney Sefanova visited her in the arrest in the afternoon in order to introduce herself and answer Gery’s questions.

8th day of the arrest of Gery.
As of today the total number of days spent in the arrest are now 13. Interestingly, jail time already served is subtracted from the sentence, but I wonder what are they going to subtract it from in her case?!! Maybe they will give her few more days of living...
Otherwise, today she saw her parents during a visitation and they brought her food for the next two weeks. Now if only they approved her request for telephone calls, things might start to get acceptable.

7th day of the arrest.
Today she seemed fine. We decided to get an additional lawyer who specializes in extradition cases. She informed me that in regards to USA extradition requests none has been denied so far. Most likely we will have to go there regardless of our will and innocence. She explained to me that this agreement is based on trust between the two countries and by its force guilt is not required and no evidence is needed in order to support their claims, i.e. anybody could be extradited as long as they request it...

6th day of the arrest.
I managed to skip work for a bit and see her for about 10 minutes. Just by mentioning the kids, her eyes filled with tears, as did mine. She asked me to bring her more food on Wednesday because what they get was cooked in the central prison of Sofia and was not edible. Whatever they brought in, they brought out...
Thankfully the girls in the cell were nice and have been giving her some of their food.
We are frantically preparing the actual website and I hope it will be ready for tomorrow.

5th day of the arrest.
The kids gathered flowers and created the thing which you see. Unfortunately now they remember her more frequently and cry because they terribly miss her. She is their mother; I can’t do anything about it.
I still can’t find a way to explain to them that they will not see her soon.

4th day of the arrest of Gery.
She called me from the police station before lunch and asked me to speak with the kids. Unfortunately I left them with their grandparents the night before so I can start the website. A polite voice informed us that we have 30 seconds left on our call. She asked me to tell them how much she loves them and to kiss them. She asked me to bring her down jacket for the Wednesday visitation since they don’t allow pillows. The call ended.

I am trying to distract the kids by bringing them to the Southern Park and the park at Holly Trinity but the questions “Where is mommy?”; “Why is she working so much?” and “When is she coming back?” are left without an answer… I still don’t know what to tell them. 

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